Some pointers on the way you design and send your resume


Email Tips

Use a Personal Email Address and not a Company Address:
It is never a good idea to use your company email to look for employment, even if your employer knows you are looking. Setting aside the ethical questions, and there are many, if you are looking for a job your company address is temporary. And don’t use your Spouse or another person’s address, because it is looks tacky, confusing and lazy.

Hide Your Distribution List:

When sending your resume to more than one company in the same e-mail, use the “undisclosed-recipients” feature in your e-mail program, or the “bcc:” field to hide the list. If your e-mail program does not offer a way to hide your list, simply send a message to yourself and then list your other addresses in the Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) area. This will make your contact seem more personal.

Attach Your Resume:

Don’t Use Hyperlinks Pointing to Your Resume! This may be confused with Spam and may never reach your intended target, or not be opened by the reader for fear of receiving a virus. You should paste your resume in to the email, attach it, or do both. Never use links to a web based resume.

Don’t Fax Your resume:

In today’s world there is no good reason to fax your resume unless you are asked to do it. Faxes are difficult for the reader to work with and to distribute. Faxing makes you look “old school” and unqualified to work in a modern business. Don’t do it!

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