Our Solutions

Executive Search Solutions:

We deliver on complex, cross-border and local retained and non-retained executive search, talent and market mappings, top transformation talent introductions as well as contingency recruitment assignments, all with one goal – to place top transformation candidates with our clients as a wayto assist with the realisation of national transformation initiatives. We specialise in recruiting highly qualified candidates who have rare skills in the market or who occupy senior or board level seats through proven executive search principles.

Contingency Recruitment:

Fill your vacancy with the right person. Throughout extensive database. We source exceptional candidates with quick-turn around in comparison to other agencies.

Talent Mapping:

We assist with competitor analysis and succession planning of your company by mapping out your current talent pool, and designing and implementing an effective talent management and placement strategy.

Top Transformation Candidate Introductions:

You get placed first in line to meet exceptional talent. This is a non-vacancy-driven, value-added service that yields a deep understanding of your business and organisational culture strategies, as well as where you are in the journey to achieving your objectives.


We assist people with a disability to participate actively in employment and we play a big role in supporting people with a disability on the pathway to work.

Succession Planning:

We do this by building a relevant and prepared internal talent pool from which to draw strategically key members of staff. This is done to ensure that the organisation’s goals can be achieved with minimal disruption to the enabling strategies.